Follow us down the rabbit hole as we delve into this weird and wonderful world of Wonderland. ConFuzzled 2015 explores the mysterious and peculiar insanity contained within the works of Lewis Carroll. In this strange shadowy land the Cheshire cat’s smile watches all, his smile bridging the verdant brightness of magical fantasy and the murky shadows where the darker mysteries of the imagination lurk.

Help us fight the forces of the Queen of Hearts as they terrorise the convention, and save the fursuiters before it’s “Off with their Heads!” Watch as the mystical beasts of horror from Lewis Carroll’s imagination come to life and join us for a Mad Hatter’s tea party, with cake and tea and a clean cup every five minutes. We are all mad here, but fear not, it’s always tea time where we’re going. Isn’t that splendid?

Brok in Wonderland - Silverfox[What is ‘muchness’, and where can you find it? What exactly can you find through the looking glass? Importantly, why is a raven like a writing desk? Your humble Content Writers find all of this extremely silly, and can make no particular guarantee that you will find an answer to any of these questions, but do suggest that it is ever so fun to make up wildly implausible answers. (As for the riddle of the writing desk, our favourite answer is “Poe wrote on both.” Very droll.)]

You can find all the strange, nonsensical mysteries of Wonderland at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole this year. We cordually invite all of you to join us on our adventure through the majesty, insanity and magic for a ConFuzzled 2015. We hope you’ll enjoy the fantasy atmosphere, brought to life by the many decorations and creations of our our dedicated Theming crew as they transform our convention venue into your epic convention setting for this year.

Come, let your imagination run wild, we’d love to see you at ConFuzzled 2015’s Wonderland!