1. Why Sponsor?

    So every year we here at ConFuzzled try our hardest to give you, our attendees, the best goodies we can and the best ConFuzzled experience we can! You, our attendees, help us bring the convention to life through your registration fees and for those people who sign up as Sponsors we try our hardest to reward you all with a gift in your registration pack!

    The extra money you give ConFuzzled by choosing to Sponsor us, goes towards making the convention even more awesome! For example, the extra theming touches around the hotel that aren’t strictly required for the convention to operate, but really add to the atmosphere if they are there.

    What do I get?

    A warm sense of satisfaction that you’re helping to make the convention awesome! But we also reward you with some goodies!

    Last year we pushed the boat out all the way with our tiered Sponsorship system, the more of you magnificent people who signed up as sponsors the more we were able to give back to you in the form of gifts. The personalised gift tags, the shiny ConFuzzled themed wristbands and of course the Plush Brock designed by our guest of honour Alexis Rudd.

    This year we would like to try this system once again as it proved to be popular. This year the Sponsor gifts will include the traditional:

    • T-Shirt
    • Drinking Vessel
    • Themed Artwork
    • Sweets

    The Tiered Goodies:

    Once again we here at ConFuzzled would like to give those attendees who sign up as Sponsors something extra special in their sponsor packs! How do you unlock these extra new gifts you ask? Well that is simple! Sign up to be a Sponsor, encourage your friends to sign up to be Sponsors and when we hit a certain target number we will add something extra to your Sponsor packs!

    The more people sponsor, the more goodies you will get! It works a bit like Kickstarter stretch goals. If the next level is reached, everybody will receive the stretch goal goodies for that level!

    Therefore, encourage your friends to upgrade to become a Sponsor, and get closer to unlocking the next level of goodies!

    1. Tier 1

      Target Number of Sponsors: 200 UNLOCKED

      Wonderland by GarnetThe first tier of this year’s Sponsor goodies, unlocked when we pass the milestone of 200 sponsors will be a limited edition print of artwork by Garnet of CherryBox. This artwork was made specifically for use here on the CFz website and will only be available in limited numbers so for a guaranteed chance of getting hold of one of these limited, high quality prints sign up for Sponsor today and help to unlock this bonus gift.


    2. Tier 2

      Target Number of Sponsors: 300 UNLOCKED

      If we hit 300 sponsors this year ConFuzzled is happy to announce that our second tier sponsor gift is to be a die-cast enamel pin-badge. It’ll be perfect to go on the lapel of a coat, a bag, your hat! Either way it is going to be something special. The artwork for this badge is being designed by one of our Guests of Honour as this article goes to print and it will be a one of a kind, exclusive item that will not be available outside of ConFuzzled. As soon as I have an image of it to share I’ll let you have at it!DSC_0040

      ConFuzzled is also proud to unveil our sponsor drinking vessel is not only a tea-cup but one featuring our very own Brok, designed by the American artist Spider da Squirrel. In fact we like them so much that if we cross our Tier 2 threshold we’ll add a second tea cup to the conpack which will mean every sponsor gets a complete set of 2 glasses.

    3. Tier 3

      Target Number of Sponsors: 400 LOCKED

      tier3-previewFor Tier 3 this year ConFuzzled has dipped into our theme once again as no visit to Wonderland would be complete without mentioning playing cards. We are planning to produce a deck of cards for each sponsor, but this will be no simple deck of cards. What we are planning to produce is a one of a kind, limited edition themed deck of playing cards with art by SilverFox5213