“Alice! It’s so good to see you again! Come, come and take a seat! NO NOT THAT ONE…“Yes good…

“Why are we here? Why to reveal to you the impossible possibilities we have here in Wonderland for you my dear! Has not the Hare told you? Our guests have arrived!

“They fell from nowhere.. or was it somewhere? Remembering is so difficult sometimes…


“Our first visitor, Henrieke, was pushed down the rabbit hole by a mischievous fellow from Kerkrade all the way be with us throughout our adventures. An artist through and through, known by many of your world. Having been showcased since an young age and self made lady! You’ll find her works far and wide, should you look in to the right places!… But keep this QUIET. We can not tell the queen.


“It may be Henrieke’s first time with us, but alas she is no stranger here! Her creations from mind to matter come alive with the stroke of her brushes. Even the more forgotten about imaginings can be brought to our unreality through her works. All manner of creatures find themselves at her creation.”

Henrieke face cleanupHenrieke is a cartoon artist and illustrator from the Netherlands. She has loved to draw since the moment she could hold a pencil, and animals and cartoon characters have always been the main subjects. Her childhood wish of drawing a Donald Duck comic came true at age 17, when her work was first published in the Dutch Disney comic magazine. From that moment on she has been working as a self-employed artist, making illustrations for various zoos and magazines.

Kiki with pencil largeThe inspiration from classic animation and comics shows through in her art style, which is nearly always hand-inked with a brush. There are no animals she dislikes and she especially enjoys drawing some of the less represented ones, with her lemur character Kiki having been around since 2003.

Aside from drawing she also enjoys crafting, both by herself as well as teamed up with Karpour, with whom she has built several costumes and puppets so far. Recently they created Willie Wasbeer, the mascot of Gaia Zoo in Kerkrade.

“But who is this now? I see, I see, a madman approaches to join us for tea!

“With rambling beard and rambling trousers, a man of goats and sheep!

“A YAK! AN ENORMOUS YAK! I shall call him Jeff!”

prom_3Jeff ‘Yak’ Minter comes from our own fair shores and is a veteran of the UK games industry, heading up his own tiny studio, Llamasoft.

Jeff was born in the bustling metropolis of Reading in 1962,but now resides in the quiet countryside of Wales with his partner Ivan, eight sheep, two donkeys and two llamas. When not programming psychadelic computer games, he can often be found scouring the local curry houses for food, relaxing in the pub or bashing infidels in Skyrim.

Jeff took his first steps into the gaming programming world in 1979 on the Commodore PET (ask your parents) with a game called Deflex. From there Jeff has created games for various consoles, from the ZX Spectrum, the Atari Jaguar to the modern day PlayStation Vita with such titles as Space Giraffe and Space Invaders Extreme on XBLA.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAA common theme from Jeff’s creations is the inclusion of ruminants, llama/sheep/camels etc, along with this a psychedelic element common throughout his games. He often revists the classic ‘Tempest’ tunnel shooter formula and is currently developing a version of his PlayStation Vita game, TxK, for the Oculus Rift.

Jeff’s other interests include rambling amongst the countryside GeoCaching, fiddling with various pieces of radio equipment and startling local livestock with a quadcopter.

“We shall keep them and they shall drink into the night with us all!”