PLEASE NOTE: ConFuzzled confirming a dealer should not be regarded as a sign of endorsement. ConFuzzled does not verify or otherwise background check dealers before confirming them and unless they breach our Den terms or the Code of Conduct, we wouldn’t reject anyone. We recommend that all attendees do their own research before agreeing to purchase from or commission any dealer

Table NumberDealer nameItems this dealer will be sellingWebsite
1, 2, 3 + 4ConFuzzledConvention Merchandise
5Fat Fluffs Rabbit RescueCharity Merchandise
100HenriekeGuest of HonourWebsite
84Aethertech Industries UkLeathergoods/Chainmaille/Paracord items including collars, hand bound leather sketchbooks, etc
81AgrajagHand made hats and accessories.
80AmethystCommissions, Badges, Prints, Originals, miscellaneous doodads.Website
39Art Of ZodPrints, Badge Preorders, Comic book
38Aurora Fabrications Various fursuit parts and furry accessories
82Beautyofthebass's creations Fursuit commissions, badges, pin badges, little bits and furry bobs
82BinturongBoy Artwork Original artwork, some prints, commissions taken on site.
16 + 17Black Paw ProductionsBooks and ComicsWebsite
23Booshie Boo Prints of sfw and nsfw material, all digital
58Bulk CondomsLow cost condoms, promoting sexual and reproductive health in the community.
88ConellT-shirts, inflatables, printed art, badges. no copyrighted materials what so ever.
59Crafty Marten Crafts, Commissions and various small cute things
57Crafty Praxis Tail Key Rings, Badges, high quality handmade arts and crafts
28DanzaTraditional sketch, lined and marker coloured commissions. 300+ DPI prints of landscapes and adult artwork. Buttons, badges, conbadges and accepting digital commission slots towards the end of the last day in the den.
25 + 26DemonicCompendiumPlushies, prints and commissions, small trinkets and limited fursuit pieces.
73Dey Varah sketch&badge; commissions, original artwork, art prints, bookmarks, buttons
55DrDubzSelf Published comic "Feral" + related merch, as well as general art posters and products and table comms
87Duragan's DenArtwork made by brush pens
13EosFoxx - Furryart and MerchandisePrints, mugs, calendars, sketchbooks etc
71 + 72EZcooldown Cooling vests for fursuitersWebsite
62Faruku CostumesPrints, On the spot commissions (Badges and Sketches), Dragon Egg Lights, Fursuit raffle, Leathercraft and more!
90FawnspotsOn-the spot commissions, prints, and other convention merchandise!
30FuraveAnything glowy and bouncy
83FurmaniaT-shirts and Hoodies relating to the Furry FandomWebsite
76Furry Tailor Fursuit partsWebsite
24HeartlillyPretty prints (Traditional/Digital), cute stickers and commissions!
61IndiWolfBadges, Traditional arts and other goodiesWebsite
94JanetFursuit parts
11KajiOriginal sketch commissions, prints
37Killveous and Exotic-EroticsI will be in part selling my own artwork and live commissions as well as Exotic-Erotic merchandise (badges, prints, small charms etc)
60KisumiPolymer clay items, food, kawaii stuff and fursonas available on keyrings, necklaces, earings, phone charms and charm bracelets. Also digital and traditional artwork.
27KorroK Art commissions, prints and merchandise
29LozbunnehCommissions, prints, badges, keyrings and magnets
49 + 50LupeyrooLive badge commissions, art, crafts, accessories & more
47Mad Mable Productions Limited Collectable merchandise such as mugs, pillow cases, wall scrolls, etc, featuring furry artwork
95, 96 + 97Made by MercuryFursuit parts, accessories, props, and kigurumis. On the spot badge commissions
99Mag Ferret!! Comics, prints, art commissions, stickers
68Metafur (WikiFur, Inkbunny, Flayrah) Promoting free furry online services WikiFur, Flayrah, and Inkbunny
65Milligram SmilePrints, badges, sketch commissions, originals
46MiriArt commissions and merchandise
77MirriCommissions, prints, originals and more
53 + 54 Neko-Maya Pillow cases, t-shirts, prints, originals and commissions.
7NeoPrints, boxes and sketch commissions
44 + 45Neonpossum Artwork originals, prints, pre-made badges, plushies and more
12NimraisPrints and sketch commissions
66NorthcardCard Games
75Olivitree's Art Patch Digital and traditional art and 3D printed wares. Both commissions and pre-made
33, 34 + 35Outputt @ Sketchbuck Fine art, gifts and on the day commissions. Website
52Pan Hesekiel Shiroi Prints, matted prints, sketch and badge commissionsWebsite
9Pegasus Embroidery UK Embroidered & Personalised goods. Custom hoodies, scarves, shirts, patches and plushes. Offering overnight personalisations. Limited edition specialised silver foil prints.
69Poker's DEN Art commissions
86Quickwind StudiosPrints, originals, postcards and buttons. Taking commissions for pieces and
70Rorschfox ArtsFurry art prints, keyrings, CD-ROMs, books and comics
10RukisArt, comics, cds, books
78Runaway Workshop Miniature tail key-rings, badges, artwork and head blanks
65RuthCommissions, prints, mini-comics
7SarsencatPrints and other macro-related illustrationWebsite
48ScappoArtbooks, sketches, dakimakura and pillowcases
31 + 32 SewpokePlush toys and other fabric accessories
98Shaggi ArtsCommission, prints, stickers and pin badges
41 + 42ShalinkaCommissions, art prints and other goodies based on my art
91ShirikArtwork, portfolios, small trinkets and gifts
93SkaifoxThe Mystery Boxes return once again!! Also taking ordinary sketch commissions and homework
69Sketchkat"Quick Sketch" badges, normal badges and artwork commissions.
18, 19 + 20Soapasaurus Handmade soaps and cosmetics, fursuit spray and other bath and body productsWebsite
85SparklesnailHand painted cups and other artwork
43Spinal22 Personnal art, buttons, prints, commissions
79Ssej Hammer Sketch, ink and colour commissions! Badges and Original artworks
30SunnyCon Promoting SunnyCon and selling live art sketches and printsWebsite
51Tabalon T-Shirts, Prints and similar items. Might also take sketchbook comissions.
14 + 15TaniDaRealMood Badges, beer coasters, t-shirts, sketches, merchandise, prints, post cards, calendars, portfolios
21Taya - Sparklepup Studios Art commissions, artisan crafts and shiny trinkets
89TazaraOn the spot commissions, prints, stickers and more.
22ThatWickedSmile (Ellius) Prints, stickers, on the day sketches and some more good stuff.
92The Art FoxCommissions and prints
91The Art of JessLyra Artwork- prints, originals, commissions.
74The Fiox HoleWonderland Pocket watches, collectables and all things magical
36TroganTraditional and Digital Commissions and exclusive prints!
40Urbanvixen (Foxydragon) Books, Commissions, Prints, Keyrings. Come check out my TF section 🙂
67Zikaur Dikura Digital and traditional artWebsite
6Fox AmooreMusic CDs and Art Prints