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Chapter 790

ConFuzzled Essential Email

Oh yes mustard! That’ll do… Mustard? Don’t let’s be silly. Now lemon, that’s different…

— Mad Hatter

The below content contains essential information for attendees of ConFuzzled.  Even if you have come before, it is strongly recommended that you read this email as it contains information that pertains to this year specifically, as well as our usual requirements.


It is vital that you bring ID to the convention.  If you do not bring ID, you will not be able to complete your registration and collect your con-badge.  For information on the ID that is accepted, please click here.  If you have not yet acquired appropriate ID, there is still time to fast-track (look for ‘urgent’ or ‘fast-track’ applications) an application through with an approved ID provider (UK)
If you have questions about your ID, please contact

Special Information for Thursday and Friday arrival days

As you may be already aware, there is another event in the Hilton hotel on Thursday and Friday this year.  As a result, some of the ConFuzzled event spaces do not become available until late Friday afternoon.  This means that some of our operations will be temporarily relocated on these days:

Convention Operations Office (“ConOps”) – Located in the Surrey room
Fursuit Lounge – Located in the Westminster Suite (Lounge end)
Registration – Located in the Westminster Suite (Lake end)
Look out for signs or ask any Hilton or ConFuzzled staff for directions.


We kindly ask for your co-operation in being respectful of the other event. We would like to remind you that we do not have the venue exclusively, and as such other Hilton guests and delegates have a right to be there and peacefully enjoy their stay. Please be aware that the other event will have their own security, and their function space will be off-limits to ConFuzzled attendees.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Events Schedule and Advance Signups

Our event schedule for the convention this year has been published on our website, and we encourage you to take a look in order to make plans for which events you’d like to attend. Some of our events will require you to sign up in advance to ensure we can plan for the appropriate numbers of people who wish to take part. These events are:

  • Improvisation Workshop
  • Super Smash Bros Wii U Tournament
  • Pokémon Tournament
  • Mariokart Tournament

If you’re interested in taking part in these events, sign in to our registration system, and click the ‘Join an Event’ link on the right hand side.

Please note that art-show pre-registation closes on the 17th May – click here for details on how to pre-register your art. You can still bring art to the convention that is not pre-registered, however it will save lots of time if you do!

Millers Bar

As was the case last year, we do not have venue exclusivity.  This means we’ll be sharing the hotel with other guests.  The hotel have asked that Millers bar be reserved as a non-convention, non-furry area (This also means no fursuits or other furry accessories including -but not limited to- tails, ears, collars etc).  We feel this is a reasonable request, as we’ll effectively be ‘taking over’ much of the rest of the hotel, and having a damn good party too! Other guests may want a little oasis away from this activity though, so please be respectful of this, and keep Millers Bar a quiet-zone.  Thank you for your understanding.

How to food (IMPORTANT!)

Following feedback we received last year about wait times at the Lounge Bar, this year no food service will take place at the bar itself.  Save time by following our speedy guide:

  1. Grab a table number, and approach a food service point in the lounge (or go to the cash catering in the Library just off the main lobby)
  2. Boldly order your food, collect cutlery and condiments, take a seat, and hang on to your receipt
  3. Food will be delivered to you (like magic!), just show your receipt to verify your order!
  4. No service charge!  Don’t forget to tip your waiter!

Indeed pay special attention to the availability of our cash catering in the library – you can find more details about our dining choices here! Remember, you get a 20% discount on lounge menu prices, but only when you show your con-badge!

You can buy tickets for our Mad Hatters tea party from 10AM Friday, from the main hotel reception.  Anyone with pre-purchased tickets can collect these when you check-in! The Tea Party is 6PM-8PM Friday in the Arden Suite.

If you order one of the Lounge Bar Pizza Promotions, wait at your table for your pizza and drink to be delivered. You will be given a ticket for your ice cream, which you can then go and collect at Costa Coffee when ready.  This must be claimed on day of purchase and cannot be carried over.
If you want to take your pizza out, place your order at a food station.  You will be presented with a numbered wooden spoon and be requested to wait in the lobby. Your Pizza and drink will be delivered to you, and a ticket for you to collect your ice cream from Costa.

How to drink

Also, please note that after 2AM, only those resident at the hotel may use the bar.  After this time bar service will switch to room-charging only (no cards, no cash). It is therefore recommended that you setup your tab in advance.


As per our weapons policy, all weapons and dangerous items must be checked in with security before they can be carried around at the convention. To check in your item, please go to the Dorset room on Thursday, or Friday until 6PM.  On Friday after 8PM, the security office will be located in the first floor room above con-ops.

Plan ahead – Other Details

All sorts of travel information on getting to (or transferring to) the ConFuzzled venue is available on our website here.  You can also review our events schedule to help you plan ahead the events you might wish to attend. Rember, parking is discounted to £4 per exit – keep your original parking ticket, and present it to front desk -with your con-badge- to qualify.

Executive lounge access is for those with the executive room upgrade only. You’ll need your keycard for entry, and please wear your con-badge at all times.  The room may be used by other, non-convention residents, so please be respectful of this.  Ghosting in the Executive lounge is strictly prohibited, and is subject to a £50 penalty.

If you are bringing a pet (using our pet-passport scheme), note that you cannot take your pet into the function rooms, leisure facilities, or food & drink facilities of the hotel.

If  you have a party suite, you can check-in for this at reception on the day of booking. This can be done from 3PM onward, with check-out the following day by 11AM.


We have a zero tolerance policy toward ghosting. If you ghost, you risk a permanent ban. This also applies to those who facilitate ghosting. Ghosting includes attempting to gain access to attendee-only convention areas without being a registered attendee.  It also includes staying in a hotel room when you are not a residential attendee or accessing hotel facilities such as Living Well leisure centre, without paying. This is a serious offence, the convention will not tolerate this behaviour.

The rules

Finally, please ensure you are familiar with the general FAQs, the Conditions of Sale, the Code of Conduct, and the weapons guidelines. If you are a dealer, please also be aware of the Dealers Den Terms & Conditions. If you are exhbiting or selling in the art show & auction, please be aware of the Art Show Terms & Conditions. For both the Art Show and the Dealers Den, note also the prohbited items.

Need to contact us?

Click here, and scroll down for our contact details and email addresses.

ABOVE ALL: Have fun, stay safe – we look forward to seeing you soon!