Our Venue

ConFuzzled is pleased to be returning to the Birmingham Hilton Metropole for 2015...

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The Theme

Join us through the Looking Glass for a weekend of total madness...

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Pricing & Membership

You can attend ConFuzzled in multiple ways. It boils down to three main types...

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Better read it first, for if one drinks much from a bottle marked “Poison”, it’s almost certain to disagree with one sooner or later. — Alice

Register Now! Brew a cup of tea and break out your poker deck. Prepare to venture down the rabbit hole and register now.

Registration is now open!

You can now register for ConFuzzled 2015! Click here to use our registration portal!

Remember, lots of information is available here on our website to help answer your questions, but if you still need help, you can email our registration team using registration@confuzzled.org.uk

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Registration Opens Soon

YEAH! Our new website is live, and didn’t the web-bunnies do well!  Aaaaall of the information you need is live – there’s just one thing missing; Registration!

We know you’ll be pacing up and down waiting for registration, but fear not! No need to F5, just come back on September 1st!

Yes, Registration will open on September 1st, so come back then, and your registration …

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Down To Earth

We’ve come back down to Earth after an astonishing ConFuzzled.

We’d like to thank you -our attendees- for coming, we do this for you and seeing you enjoying yourselves over the last few days has made all the work we put in behind the scenes worthwhile!

We’ll all be taking a well earned break for a few days, but rest assured, …

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